What is EverCraft Ecotechnologies – incl. FAQ

EverCraft Ecotechnologies is recognized worldwide as the first and only company to utilize the patented ACA technology for waste processing, creating high-demand products such as Carbon Nanotube and, as a 'byproduct' so to speak, green hydrogen. All of this is achieved with minimal energy input and completely free from CO₂ emissions.

The Groundbreaking Capabilities of EverCraft

EverCraft's technology has the potential to secure one of the top positions on the stage of historically significant technologies, like the railroad and the internet.

EverCraft has the potential to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future by converting waste into valuable resources while simultaneously reducing CO₂ emissions.

With its groundbreaking technology, EverCraft has the potential to transform the entire industry while making a valuable contribution to the fight against climate change.

EverCraft offers investors the opportunity to invest in a technology that promises not only financial returns but also makes a significant contribution to environmental conservation and the preservation of our planet.

ACA Technologie von EverCraft Ecotechnologies - ECET

The Materials of the Future

Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs), Graphene, and green hydrogen are highly sought-after materials of the future.

EverCraft Carbon Staub.

LTC Technology

Breaks down waste into its molecular components (SYN Gas or LTC Synthetic Gas).

EverCraft Ecotechnologies - ECET. Carbon im Glas.

ACA Technology

Environmentally friendly production of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) and Graphene with minimal energy input.

Bild mit CO2 auf schwarzem Hintergrund geschrieben

CO₂ Splitting

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective splitting of CO₂ into Carbon (C) and Oxygen (O₂).

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Frequently Asked Questions about EverCraft Ecotechnologies

Who is EverCraft Ecotechnologies

EverCraft creates a connection between nature and technology. The organization doesn't rely on empty words but concrete actions.

The contributors are the driving forces behind EverCraft: Mario Wagner, co-founder and agricultural engineer, a renowned expert in sustainable technologies; Holger Kuhlmann, CEO of EverCraft, a recognized crypto expert specializing in the tokenization of sustainable projects; and of course, Manfred Lenzi, an indefatigable inventor and visionary of groundbreaking technologies without whom EverCraft would not exist.

The necessary funding for EverCraft doesn't come from financial giants as usual but is deliberately secured and broadly supported by a large number of small investors. This financing model is a conscious choice.

Welcome to a forward-thinking era shaped significantly by these dedicated individuals. We warmly invite you to become part of our community and contribute.

What technologies does EverCraft Ecotechnologies use?

The technology of EverCraft is based on the innovative combination of LTC and ACA technologies, allowing the extraction of high-quality materials from organic waste or the breakdown of CO₂ into its components carbon (C) and oxygen (O₂).

The LTC technology used by EverCraft serves to catalytically break down waste into tiny particles, often in the form of SYN gas or LTC synthetic gas, also known as methane (CH4). This high-quality, pure methane has various applications, including power generation in turbines or the production of synthetic fuels. What sets it apart is that methane can also be fed into the ACA technology, as described in the ACA technology section.

EverCraft's patented ACA technology enables the conversion of gases into valuable materials. It can split methane into carbon nanotubes and green hydrogen or convert CO₂ gas into carbon (C) and oxygen (O₂), all catalytically and with low energy consumption. A remarkable achievement of this ACA technology is the cost-effective splitting of CO₂, a crucial step for sustainable environmental protection.



Why is EverCraft's technology groundbreaking?

EverCraft's technology deserves the accolade 'groundbreaking' and stands apart from other waste disposal methods. While conventional methods incinerate waste with high CO₂ emissions or produce oil-like substances through energy-intensive gasification, retaining harmful toxins in the process, EverCraft takes an entirely different approach. The patented technology operates at low temperatures and under air exclusion. In just a few seconds, organic components are broken down into their molecular building blocks, catalytically and without producing CO₂.

The resulting synthetic or bio-synthetic methane gas (CH4) can be further split in an extremely clean manner, also catalytically, without producing CO₂ at any point. Particularly noteworthy is that EverCraft is the only one with the technology to synthetically produce turbine-grade methane CH4 from biomass such as waste or scrap materials. This methane has a calorific value of approximately 32 megajoules (MJ), nearly equivalent to fossil methane (about 35 MJ), making it suitable for use in turbines.

As the next step, the generated methane (CH4), with the help of the ACA technology, can be further catalytically split into carbon nanotubes and green hydrogen at low temperatures. Again, it's CO₂-neutral and without the need for significant additional energy input. This advanced process positions EverCraft as a pioneer in environmentally friendly technologies.

What are the products of EverCraft?

Turbine-capable Methane Gas CH4:
Through EverCraft's LTC technology, high-purity synthetic methane gas (CH4) is produced from organic waste, which has a calorific value of approximately 32 megajoules (MJ), making it suitable for operating turbines. This versatility opens up numerous applications, including the possibility of injecting the gas into gas pipelines.

Only EverCraft offers the unique opportunity to further refine this gas by converting it into Carbon Nanotube and green hydrogen.

The main product of EverCraft is Carbon Nanotube (CNTs):
By utilizing organic waste, which is converted into methane gas and then, with the innovative ACA technology, into high-quality Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs), EverCraft achieves an unprecedented level of quality with a purity of over 99%.

The high availability of Carbon Nanotubes in constant high quality, in large quantities, and at a fraction of the previous market price makes CNTs extremely attractive for a wide range of industrial applications. CNTs are remarkable materials, being about 100 times stronger than steel, with only one-sixth of the weight and virtually no electrical resistance.

Industries such as aerospace, mechanical engineering, bridge and construction, as well as electronics, processor technology, robotics, and human medicine, including prosthetic manufacturing, benefit from these outstanding properties. The application possibilities are virtually limitless and, in some cases, even entirely new perspectives are opened up.

Green Hydrogen:
As a byproduct of methane splitting into Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs), green hydrogen is produced, another high-quality material with a purity of 99.9% and tremendous demand. The production of green hydrogen, once again, occurs without additional energy input and is entirely emissions-free, without CO₂ emissions.

The availability of large quantities of cost-effective hydrogen opens up fascinating perspectives, including the possibility of operating airplanes in a climate-neutral manner in the future. The benefits for the environment and climate are obvious and require no further explanation.

CO₂ Splitting:
In recent years, CO₂ has been increasingly regarded as a 'highly problematic' gas, and economically, its splitting was considered impossible. Fortunately, the absurd plan to spend billions burying CO₂ is now a thing of the past. With the ACA technology, EverCraft transforms CO₂ into a coveted raw material. This occurs catalytically and without significant energy input, with CO₂ being split into the coveted components of Carbon (C) and Oxygen (O₂). Thus, 'evil' CO₂ is a thing of the past.

Waste Management:
Minimizing environmental impact through waste reduction is another significant task of EverCraft. The reduction of waste for the benefit of our environment is another business area that EverCraft gladly takes on. EverCraft has the capability to process various types of organic waste as a resource and actively contribute to minimizing environmental impacts.

What Resources Does EverCraft Use?

EverCraft doesn't use conventional resources unless waste is considered one. In the production of high-quality materials, EverCraft relies exclusively on waste materials and avoids the use of coveted resources that may be needed elsewhere. One of EverCraft's central goals is to minimize environmental impact from waste materials.

All forms of organic waste materials are considered as usable waste, including industrial waste, municipal waste, commercial waste, sewage sludge, used tires, lignite coal, agricultural residues, household waste, and much more.

Furthermore, the ACA technology offers the possibility of being integrated into existing biofacilities as an extension. These facilities typically produce CO₂ as a waste product, and the ACA technology enables efficient and environmentally friendly utilization of this CO₂

What benefits does EverCraft offer for our environment?

EverCraft makes a significant contribution to environmental conservation. The mission involves converting large amounts of waste into valuable resources. We contribute to reducing CO₂ emissions and produce green hydrogen, the basis for carbon-neutral transportation, ranging from airplanes to all types of vehicles, as well as construction machinery or trucks.

The materials we produce open up new avenues for carbon-neutral construction and the manufacturing of devices. These materials are not only significantly more environmentally friendly but also enable innovative solutions for a more sustainable future. EverCraft works diligently to minimize environmental impacts and pave the way for a cleaner and greener world.

How can I become an ambassador for EverCraft?

Englisch: It fills us with great joy when the immense potential of EverCraft is recognized. However, please note that "ambassador" is not the official designation of EverCraft, but rather an informal term used by AKPlus to explain how enthusiastic members of EverCraft can show their support to the outside world.

Do you want to become an ambassador for EverCraft?
This is a straightforward and quick process. All you need to do is sign up directly with EverCraft as a member. To register, you will need an affiliate link, which the person who introduced you to EverCraft will be happy to provide. Just ask them. Alternatively, you can also get this link from AKPlus. Out of fairness, we recommend asking your ambassador first.

Voilà! With this affiliate link, you can already become an ambassador for EverCraft and make a valuable contribution to spreading our mission.


Can I invest in EverCraft as an individual?

Yes, it is definitely possible. EverCraft has made a deliberate decision to finance these fantastic projects through private individuals and small investors. This not only serves to minimize significant risks but also prevents large investors, often referred to as "locusts," from gaining control over Manfred Lenzi's patent or letting it sit in a drawer, as has happened with other projects in the past.

If a small investor decides to withdraw or is not in agreement with one of the driving forces behind EverCraft for any reason, it does not pose a risk to EverCraft's projects. EverCraft is prepared to overcome these challenges.

For now, it is still possible to benefit from the numerous advantages of being an early-stage investor, even with a limited budget. The first investment is already being put to work. Afterward, the opportunity to be an early-stage investor with these benefits will no longer be available.

Please note that this is not investment advice, as AKPlus is not authorized to provide such recommendations.

You should also refrain from investing money in EverCraft's ECET token that you cannot afford to do without for a period of two or three years. EverCraft does not provide information on potential returns, and it is not provided here either. You should explore EverCraft's potential and make your own calculations. However, the recommendation is to do so, not only relying on the pages of EverCraft or AKPlus


What visionary innovations does EverCraft have planned for the future?

At EverCraft, we have the privilege of collaborating with creative minds like Manfred Lenzi and other visionaries. These inventors tirelessly work to push the boundaries of what's possible.

Naturally, EverCraft is working on additional projects and products that meet the high standards of quality and uniqueness, with some of them already well underway. However, this information is currently shared exclusively with active members and token holders.

So, you can look forward to more groundbreaking innovations from EverCraft that will reshape entire industries.

Where can I find comprehensive information about EverCraft Ecotechnologies?

In today's era, information from diverse sources proves to be particularly reliable. On AKPlus, we provide insights from various perspectives. While at EverCraft, you'll find official data, information in blogs, social media, or on YouTube can help deepen your understanding of EverCraft.

To truly grasp EverCraft in its entirety, it's crucial not only to gather information about EverCraft itself but also to appreciate the impact on humanity and nature stemming from the patents and resulting products.

For more information on EverCraft, follow the links on AKPlus's page or follow the links from your 'Ambassador' who introduced you to EverCraft. They will be happy to provide you with further expert information.

In addition, you can use search engines to find more information on the internet. Use relevant search terms such as 'EverCraft Ecotechnologies,' 'ECET,' 'Carbon Nanotube,' 'NCTs,' 'Graphene,' 'green hydrogen,' 'carbon nanotubes,' 'methane CH4,' and similar ones.


Do you have any unanswered questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

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